Saturday, September 29, 2012

Garage or Future Hoarders Episode?

Did you know that home garages were originally designed to park vehicles in?  

          It's hard to believe, with just how far some garages have fallen, that it could be true that garages were once meant to protect our cars from the elements, as opposed to housing stacks of nothing, used by no one.

        I must confess, in but 2 years of marriage, my husband and I have cluttered the path of our own garage, now only able to stumble through it, often scraped and bruised along the way, hoping only to avoid the dangers of tetanus- or worse - reality.
After Two Days Of Cleaning...

And what of our vehicles, left to the evils of birds, hail storms and, for some, the dangers of street parking near new teenage drivers?  Would we leave them, too, alone to suffer punishment for our failures to maintain the original purpose of this garage?

This is the stuff I "needed" to
 keep for so long?


Yet, be not ye weary, fair hoarders, there is hope to be found!  Mercy has come for our garages, though the joyful bodies and able hands of our youth.  October 13th, 2012, the Mercy Road Fellowship Youth Group is making themselves servants to a grand garage sale, meant to be a haven for the crap getting in the way of your garage finally being joined with your car, truck or van.

         You may free your garage from it's burden by bringing your stuff, any stuff, and all stuff, to the Keen Residence, up until the 13th of October.

What home builders have joined together, let man not separate   

Car+Garage Forever <3

Coming soon: Basement "Storage" or Hades Prison?  You be the judge..................

We appreciate any donations for the youth group.  For Questions and To arrange delivery, contact Cyndi Keen at 636-922-7754.

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