Friday, October 5, 2012

What's Happening with the Kids?

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Update from Children and Youth Ministry, via Joel Durrwacther, Youth Leader: 

The children's ministry (that group from ages 5 through fifth grade) will be the ones who are exclusively using The Jesus Storybook Bible.  

If you have a child within this group, it would be ideal if you can obtain a copy for your child.  You can contact Renae Johnson ( and she will order you a copy, which you can then pay her for on a Sunday at church.

This is a great book for anyone, regardless if you are a kid in the children's ministry.  I know a few of you have wanted to read though the Bible in the past, and this is the book that will provide you with a relatively quick but an extremely enjoyable way of doing so.  It does not lack theological integrity even though its primary audience is for kids, either.   The children's ministry will take about 40-45 weeks with it.

To learn more, visit the site here, or talk to Joel D. or Renae Johnson after services.

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