Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Community Group Questions

Community Group 3/20/13--

Mark 15:21-40

These are the questions that we'll be working through together in this week's Community Group. We'll be meeting at the Caylor's house--27 Lippizan, Saint Peters. Community Group begins at 6:25, and ends at 8:00. Childcare is provided--we'll see you there!

Explore (Digging in to understand the passage)

  • Why was Simon forced to carry Jesus' cross?
  • Why did Jesus refuse the wine mixed with myrrh?
  • What insults did Jesus endure when on the cross? What is ironic about these insults?
  • How was Jesus like the criminals crucified with him?
  • What stands out about Jesus' cry from the cross? Why did he cry out those words? How did those who heard him understand them?
  • What significance does the temple curtain being torn have?
  • How does the Centurion's confession begin to "wrap up" Mark’s gospel (see 1:1)
  • Why does Mark explicitly mention the women who followed Jesus? 

Connect (Applying the passage to our lives)

  • What meaning does Jesus' death have for you?
  • What "curtain" separates you from God? How can Jesus' death help you through it?

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Joel Keen

Mercy Road Fellowship

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