Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Community Group Questions for This Week

These are the questions that we'll be discussing together in this week's Community Group. We'll be meeting at the Caylor's house (see meetup for details). Community Group begins at 6:25, and ends at 8:00. Childcare is provided--we'll see you there!

Passage:  Hebrews 2:5-13

Explore (Digging in to understand the passage)
  • What does the phrase "the world to come" mean?
  • In what ways was Jesus made a little lower than the angels?
  • What parts of our human experience does Jesus share with us?
  • In what ways is Jesus' experience unique or different from ours?
Connect (Applying the passage to our lives)
  • How do Jesus' sufferings help you in your own suffering?
  • What significance is it that you are called Jesus' brother?

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