Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Community Group Discussion Questions

These are the questions that we'll be discussing together in Community Group tomorrow night, Wednesday the 28th. We'll be meeting at the Caylor’s house--(Info/RSVP here). Community Group begins at 6:25, and ends at 8:00. Childcare is provided--we'll see you there!

This Week's Passage:  Hebrews 10:1-18

Explore (Digging in to understand the passage)
  • Why can't the law make worshippers perfect, according to verses 1 & 2?
  • What sets Jesus' sacrifice apart, according to verses 5-9?
  • How does Jesus' sacrifice relate to our holiness?
  • What does verse 14 mean? If we are made perfect forever, how can we be made holy? What does holiness mean?
  • How does the new promise (or covenant) described in verses 16 and 17 lead to the conclusion that ongoing sacrifice is no longer necessary?
Connect (Applying the passage to our lives)
  • How often do you experience a sense of guilt? Why might that be good? Why might it be unhealthy?
  • Do you live your life as if you were being made holy?

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